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My name is Joyce Tan. First, I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” for visiting my website.

How I Came Across Mangosteen and Natural Remedies

In my previous profession as an engineer, I was a workaholic.  My work consumed me at the expense of a healthy diet and restorative sleep. The consequences were irritation, migraine and being frequently sick with the flu and cough. My visits to the doctor to cure these health problems were mostly futile. I also had side effects from my medication.

My poor response to medicine prompted me to search for another remedy to my health problems. I was introduced to herbal nutrition by friends. Its benefits to me were significant. First, my bouts with migraine became history. Second, my health improved and I was much less susceptible to sickness. I also had daily bowel movement just by changing a few simple steps in my life.

I was then introduced to a mangosteen juice later. Impressed by testimonials, I gave it a try. The most significant area which I experienced was my immune system. I never had a single doctor visit for the past 8 months! Even during one occasion when I felt the early symptoms of getting flu and cough, I quickly increased the dosage of juice during that day. The symptoms were gone in the following day. This has prompted me to do some research about mangosteen and gather more information about this tropical fruit. 

How I Set Up this Website

Motivated to help you get more acquainted with the impact of natural remedies on health and to share what I have learned about natural remedies, I had an ideas of setting up a webiste. I have zero knowledge on building the website, however, with the SBI (Site Build It)- a DIY site builder, I was able to launch this website in April 2009.  For a person who does not have html or design skills, SBI (site build it) certainly helps me to overcome all the challenges.  If you would like a quick reference on this site buider, click here to watch a video tour.

This website documents what I have learned about natural remedies, mangosteen, health and research information from different resources to help you understand more about the link among disease, health, and natural healing.

My Interesting Observation on Health Supplement

During the time that I was offering my customers herbal solutions to their problems, I had this interesting observation. There were 2 groups of people: those who got the benefits of using herbal remedies and those who did not get any benefit at all! I was puzzled. After I have listened to some third parties in regards to the food and health supplements product, I found the missing piece to this puzzle and it has nothing to do with taking the best supplement or its brand.

I realized that health supplement is just an additional support to our health.

The basic foundation is to understand how our body systems work , the principles of nutrition and exercise, and to incorporate a healthy diet. Only then can taking the supplements enhance our health. This can be done irregardless of what kind of supplement you plan to take, be it herbal remedy, mangosteen supplement, or vitamins. It is about what needs to be done, what your body needs, how you can feed the body its needs, and what daily routine you need to follow. One must have the inspiration and motivation to tackle these few issues!

How this Website can Help You

  • Deliver the best, beneficial and informative content to all of you
  • Now that the medical fees are very expensive, thus, the best and the cheapest doctor would be not getting sick! That is my goal, and I wish that with the information provided from this website, I can help you to achieve this goal too!

How is the future of medicine? A man has quoted this “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Edison

I wish you enjoy reading the website and found it beneficial to you!

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