Mangosteen and Diabetes – Discover the Roles of Mangosteen Supplement in Coping of Diabetes

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Why Supplement?

The most basic things not to become diabetic would begin with a healthy lifestyle with proper food choices, less stress and plenty of exercise. The reason to incorporate supplement is because you cannot get everything from your food even if you have chosen a wise choice of food due to following factors:

  • overly processed food
  • artificial ripening of fruit
  • overuse of fertilizer, pesticides and genetic modification
  • long transportation and storage time
  • air, land, and sea pollution

Studies have shown the nutrients in the food have a 75% deficiency in trace mineral. By adding supplement into your regular diet and exercise, it can support and strengthen your body so that your body can manage on its own. You have a greater chance of getting better with diabetes.

Mangosteen and Diabetes – The Benefits of Taking Mangosteen Juice Supplement

Type 1 Diabetes: In type 1 diabetes all the insulin producing cells (Beta cells) in the pancreas have been destroyed, hence, diabetic patients have to depend on outside source of insulin to survive. The blood sugar level in type 1 diabetes is often fluctuates widely. The following benefits have been noted by type 1 diabetic patients after using mangosteen supplement :

  • Improve glycemic (blood sugar) control by reducing the blood sugar fluctuations
  • Decrease in the frequency of infection

Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is primarily linked to obesity, and obesity causes insulin resistance. In normal people, blood insulin levels rise within minutes of beginning to eat and blood glucose levels return back to normal within 1-2 hours after eating. In diabetics, this necessary insulin rise is delayed and blood sugar cannot go back to normal by 2 hours after eating. In newly diagnosed (early stage) diabetics, particularly the obese, the mangosteen appears to have following beneficial effects:

  • Decrease in the fasting blood sugar levels
  • Decrease in 2-hour, after meal blood sugar levels
  • Reduce carbohydrate cravings and even weight loss
  • Decrease requirements for hypoglycaemic (low blood) medications
  • Decrease pain from neuropathy (nerve problem)
  • Improve energy levels

Protection from diabetic complications cannot be easily seen in the short term, however, based on laboratory observations and accepted disease theory, there is a good reason to believe that end-organ (heart, eye, nerve and kidney) damage can be substantially minimized in all types of diabetes.

Mangosteen and Diabetes Precaution

By taking mangosteen supplement does not mean that the diabetic patients do not need to pay attention to their calories intake. Dietary restriction has to be taken into account.

According to Dr. Templeman, despite insufficient laboratory experiments or human trials exist yet, he is convinced by clinical results that the xanthones (potent antioxidants found in the pericarp of mangosteen) act to reduce insulin resistance, the core defect in type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the Germans treat peripheral neuropathy with antioxidants, and all diabetics complications link to free radical damage. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the antioxidant power of the mangosteen is also evident in the results reported.


Mangosteen and Diabetes - Recommended Serving

1 oz (30ml) 3 times daily until results are seen. Then gradually reduce to the maintenance dose of 1 oz (30ml) daily.

The supplement is best to take with food : before/during/immediately within 30 minutes after the meal.

Do not stop any medication, but rather add into current treatment. Daily sugar monitoring is required. After 90 days, perform a diabetes test to check if there is an improvement. If the mangosteen juice is the only variable in diet and treatment, the mangosteen has a positive result on you!


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