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The guidelines below are used based on what is suggested by Dr J. Frederic Templeman in the book “The 90-Day Mangosteen Action Plan”.  The dosage is based on mangosteen juice supplement and is intended to serve as general guidelines only.  A caution before you use it, you should check the recommended dosage on the label when you buy the mangosteen supplement since different brands of mangosteen supplement may have variability in the content and purity.  After all, all the mangosteen products are not created equal!

Is Mangosteen Overdose Exist?

There was a study done on rat to study the effects due to overdose of mangosteen juice. The rats were given huge amounts of the product which would be almost impossible for humans to consume in a day. The results show that there are no adverse changes on all the vital organs at the microscopic level. Hence, it is reasonable to conclude that it is near impossible to have mangosteen overdose.

Mangosteen Products - Recommended Dosage Guide

Here is the recommended dosage based on different conditions, please note that individual optimal dosing may be different and you may adjust the amount to meet your needs.

Before you use mangosteen juice, shake the product well to distribute the sediment evenly.

  • Best to take with before, during or within half an hour after meals. Mangosteen is best to take with food because it is fat soluable and needs to have fat in order to be utilized by the body. Or you can take some almonds to go with it.
  • Study has showed that by dividing the serving into 3 times a day is much more effective than taking it 1 time a day. This is due to the half-life effect of mangosteen. The half-life is a period where half of the elements of mangosteen remain in the blood and tissue. Let’s say if the half-life of mangosteen is 5 hours, in the first 5 hours, half of the elements in the blood or tissues will be gone, and if no more mangosteen product consumed after this, the remaining half of the elements will be completely gone in the next 5 hours. To get maximum benefits, it is best to consume a few times rather than 1 time throughout the day.

Table for Adult’s Recommended Dosage

Condition Recommended Dosage Remarks
Health and Maintenance 1 oz / 30ml, 1 – 2 time a day Improve energy, sleeping pattern and overall well-being. If you are obese/overweight or under stress, you may increase the amount.
Minor Problems 1 oz / 30ml, 3 time a day Help to combat type 2 diabetes/minor allergies/asthma/minor arthritis/depression/rashes
Major Problems 2 oz / 60ml, 3 time a day For more serious problems like major arthritis/fibromyalgia/ serious allergies/skin rashes/ashtma
Cancer / Critical Health Issues 8 oz / 240 ml, 3 time a day plus 1 galloon (about 4 litre) of distilled water for 21 days.

The consumption of water should be spread out for the rest of the day in order to flush out the toxin from the body. If after 21 days, there is no sign on decreasing the cancer cells, it would be unproductive to continue this regimen.

For Cancer. Please note that this is NOT to replace any medical advice, and there is NO CURE for cancer, only treatments. For those people with kidney disease, congestive heart failure or any medical condition where fluid overload is a concern, do not use this method.


Table for Children’s Recommended Dosage

Please note: for infants, use only after fruit juice has been successfully added to their diet.

Weight Recommended Dosage
Under 15 Ibs./ 7 kg 1 /4 adult portion
15-30 Ibs./ 7-15 kg 1 /3 adult portion
30-60 Ibs./15-30 kg 1 /2 adult portion
60-90 Ibs./30-45 kg 3/4 adult portion
>90 Ibs./45kg Adult portion


Increase the Dosage for Mangosteen Products?

When to increase the dosage?

When you feel the illness is about to strike, double the normal amount you usually take. If the symptoms still persist even after you increase the dosage of mangosteen, you need to seek for professional medical advice. The increased dosage can be repeated 4 times daily in between meals.


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J. Frederic Templeman, M.D., The 90-day Mangosteen Action Plan, Orem, Utah, USA, Sound Concepts, 2005.

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