Mangosteen Scam

How to Avoid It and Make the Best Decision for Yourself?

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You have conducted your own research on mangosteen. If you have decided to give it a try, the next valid question is how to choose the brand that best fit your interest? There are hundred types of mangosteen products available in juice, tablet, capsule, and powder form, all claiming to be the best, it is quite difficult to know if it is true or not.

The mangosteen supplements are being pitched by over enthusiatic marketers

Most of the mangosteen supplements are being distributed through multi-level marketing business model, and the selling price is generally high value. To improve the taste, the product is usually mix with other antioxidant fruits like apple, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry etc. One of the major concerns in mangosteen scam is: These products get pitched and there are some over enthusiastic people make exaggerated claims. As a result, lot of honest health-seekers felt “cheated” and are wasting a lot of their hard earned cash on them.

There is no miracle cure

One of the reasons is people lack of understanding on what the product can do and cannot do for them. Not everyone is created equal, what happen on one person may not happen exactly in the next person, hence, any personal experiences presented by marketer should be treated as guidelines and references. There is absolutely no claim or cure implied with taking the mangosteen supplements, if you are sick and having critical illness like cancer, go to see doctor. The mangosteen supplements can help to support your body function with the treatment you undergone provided that you are aware of the precaution on mangosteen and follow the guidelines properly. To avoid this type of mangosteen scam, be sure to conduct your own research.

Some of the mangosteen supplements are overpriced

Another concern regarding mangosteen supplement is some consumers feel that it is an overvalue product. Price is based on value of the product, you should be certain on what you get and what you pay for by weighing the benefits and price. Some valid questions to you are

“What do you expect from the product?” and

“What is the realistic result that you can expect by taking product and follow the guidelines properly?”

Check the quality and process of the manufacturer, are you getting what you pay for?


Avoid Mangosteen Scam - 6 Things to Consider When Choosing Mangosteen Supplement

  1. Price and quality of the product: Most of the mangosteen products are high value, it is usually in the range of $15-50 per 24 oz bottle. Look for a product that contains a high quality, whole natural fruit mangosteen blend (rind, pulp and the seed). The majority of benefits are in the pericarp (the rind) of the fruit, 40 xanthones are available in the rind, each bringing unique property to you. You should make sure you get all this to obtain the maximum benefits from mangosteen. You should weigh the price with the benefits and make the best out of it.
  2. Source of mangosteen used in production: Are they free of pesticide and herbicides?
  3. Production methods: Quality controlled procedures, how they preserved the xanthones. Does each product standardize and maximize the xanthone content?
  4. Company background: Check the research facilities, years of business, past sales record, management background.
  5. Manufacturer of the product: ISO certification, implementation on CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). This will give you an initial assurance on the quality of the product.
  6. Is the product flash pasteurized? This apply for juice. The juice is heated at high temperature for a very short time to destroy harmful bacteria, then cooled quickly to minimize the change in flavors and nutrients. By properly control the time and temperature, flash pasteurized juices are as close to nature as is safely possible.

Use the product for at least 3 months. Most improvements can be seen after a few weeks to a month, if no improvement noticed after 3 months, it is likely that the product is not beneficial for you. Natural remedies take longer time to see the result in comparison to the prescription, so sometimes you have to be patient.


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