Mangosteen Supplements – What is the Realistic Expectation?

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There are many mangosteen health supplements available in the market. If you have decided the product of your choice after reviewing all the scientific research and the history of using mangosteen for its healing properties, there is one more thing you need to take note. It is a supplement, not meal replacement, therefore it is important that you take the supplement together with wise nutrition diet and an adequate exercise to get the optimum results. Hence, the next question is, what can you expect realistically from using it?

It is a big mistake to assume that the supplement is a quick fix for any health issues. Mangosteen supplements are natural health products, not magic cure all products. If you looking to improve your health, you need to in-corporate diet and exercise into the formula. Solely relying on health supplements to achieve your health goal is guaranteed to fail!

Once you have committed or decided to give the product a try, you need to follow the steps outlines in the guidelines on daily basis. Just like whatever you do in your daily life, you need to take action on a consistent basis even beyond 90 days to enjoy the benefits. In addition, each individual responds differently to the supplement, as far as biological differences are concerned. One may have more significant results than others, and some of the change may go unnoticed.

4 Ways to Check if You are Getting Results from Mangosteen Supplements

To check if the product is having effect on you, here are some checking points:

  1. If you have health challenges, write down the symptoms and observe the changes. For example, if you have sinus attack every morning, is it getting less and less now? Remember, it may take weeks to months before you can see the improvement. For more serious problems like blood sugar level, you can go for blood test after a few months. This can help you to determine if you are getting benefits from mangosteen supplement.
  2. If you are healthy, you may not feel significant changes. However, pollution and contagious are all around us, we have to always build up our body defense system before certain illness falls upon us (like swine flu, SARS, Mad Cow, bird flu). For healthy person, here are some changes you may experience:
  3. How is your sleeping quality and energy level? Look around your surrounding, are things appear more clear and vivid? Mangosteen helps to improve cellular function.
  4. Do you feel more calm and focused? Mangosteen helps to relax your mind.
  5. Remember to drink adequate water. If you are dehydrated, your body may not be able to flush out toxins that mangosteen can release. This can cause some uncomfortable symptoms such as skin rashes, tired. This is referred to as positive healing effect, usually lasts from a few days to 1 week.
  6. Feel free to write down any symptoms you may have before using the product, and monitor it accordingly.


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